The Cost of Living
Taking into account that Malaysia has the infrastructure and facilities comparable to that of any developed country, the cost of living here is one of the lowest in Asia. This is achieved through the local government’s efficient monitoring of the economy in ensuring that inflation is kept low at all times and thereby also the prices of goods and services. The low cost of living is a particularly attractive option for expatriates who are living on a pension or overseas income, especially those settling under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme, for whom remittances from abroad are not taxed. Prices for houses and apartments are quite reasonable if you chose to stay outside of central Kuala Lumpur or city fringe locations. It may be quite expensive to own motor vehicles in Malaysia (due to high tax) but applicants under MM2H programme can bring in one car free of import duty, sales tax and excise duty or buy a new car here without these taxes.

The Weather
The weather is pleasant, warm and balmy with moderate rain throughout the year. And since most homes, cars and shopping areas are air-conditioned, it is quite easy to escape the hottest time of the day. There are also highland residential areas and resorts with permanent spring-like weather throughout the country.

Malaysia has good infrastructure that is continuously being developed and upgraded, from a world-class airport and a modern capital city to a well-developed network of road, rail and highways linking all major cities and towns. The country is also committed to becoming a leading IT and multimedia hub in the region.

The People , Culture & Language
Malaysia enjoys a rich diversity of cultures, a heritage derived from its racial mix of Asia’s oldest civilisations – Malay, Chinese and Indian – as well as other indigenous communities such as Kadazans and Ibans. This potpourri of race and culture has enabled Malaysian to speak at least two, or even three, languages – Bahasa Melayu (the national language), English, and their own mother tongue.  Living in such cosmopolitan environment, Malaysians are warm and friendly people who easily accept foreigners into their social circle. Although the Malay culture is dominant in the country because the Malays are the dominant race in Malaysia and in the region, other cultures and religion can be practiced freely.

Economic and Political Stability
Malaysians have enjoyed many years of economic and political stability under the current ruling government which is elected by and represents all the races found in Malaysia. Despite uncertainties in the global economy, the country’s economic outlook continues to look promising through support of various government initiatives and policies, particularly the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). 

Government Support
This Second Home Programme is initiated by the Government of Malaysia and therefore, the success of this programme is assured.