If you already have set your sights on making Malaysia your second home, we will be happy to help you (and your family) to settle down in Malaysia and make your relocation easy and smooth. We work by the saying: “It is not only the destination that counts, but the journey also matters most!”

Once you have decided to engage us professionally for these services, there shall be a written agreement signed by both parties to agree on the fees for the required services.

Our comprehensive services include:

1. Application of MM2H visa and other related services.
2. Application to renew and to extend the visa or to replace new visa endorsements on the new passports for whatsoever
3. Application to terminate participation in MM2H Programme and to withdraw participant’s entire fixed deposit.
4. Any matters related to house rental or house purchase.
5. Application for tax exemption for bringing in car or buying a locally imported car.
6. Arrangement to bring in participant’s personal belongings to Malaysia.
7. Application for housemaid.
8. Application for students’ passes for participant’s children who wish to study in Malaysia.
9. Application to withdraw part of the fixed deposit after a period of 1 year for the purchase of house, education and medical
10. Applying for telecommunications and utilities services (telephone, electricity, water supply, etc).
11. Local tour.
12. Assistance in getting legal advice.
13. Assistance in getting medical services.
14. Assistance in getting consultation on home design, renovation and construction.
15. Any other services upon specific request.

For our clients who wish to build a new life in Malaysia, we also provide advisory services on:

1. Property investment
2. Corporate investment
3. Company formation, partnership and work permit